We think rowing is an oar-some sport!

British Rowing Affiliated Club

The junior section of the rowing club caters for a variety of ages – from J13 (Year 8) to J18 (Year 13) with experienced coaches on hand to help develop the athlete every step of the way. Our coaches have developed athletes that have gone on to compete at regional and national events, winning many medals along the way

Some of our athletes have even gone on to trial for the Team GB progression scheme.

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What our juniors have to say..

We ask our junior rowers a series of quick fire questions to see what they enjoy most about rowing, the benefits of the sport, how they train and for any tips for new people considering the sport.

What others say..

“For me, training the junior athletes is truly amazing. I see the kids develop so many amazing skills and build many long-term friendships”


Head Junior Coach

Learn to Row

Limited places left for the Learn to Row sessions.

Monday: 4-6:30pm Girls Year 8+

Tuesday: 4-6:30pm Boys Year 7+

Thursday: 6-8pm Girls Year 7

The taster sessions are designed to give juniors a taste of on-water rowing and an introduction to rowing. The minimum age is 11 years old, going into high school year 7 from September 2023 & upwards.

If you know someone who would like to give it a try, please do get in touch asap to reserve a place. Places are limited and we expect them to fill up quickly.

If you think that you have the ability to compete at the highest level and  are committed and determined to succeed, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

The typical number of training sessions per week is 2-3 for J13 (Year 8), this can be increased for older athletes. The activities that athletes will be doing can vary depending on weather and water conditions.

The different aspects of training that help to develop the athlete are aimed at allowing them to achieve the best possible results when competing at the different events attended by the squad. These consist of weights training, water training in different boats – whether crew or individual boats – rowing machine or other land based training to help strengthen, develop technique of the rowing stroke and increase overall fitness.

Due to the high standard that we have within the squad it is essential that the athletes balance training and school around each other to ensure that the best is achieved.

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    Learn to cox

    A cox (or coxswain) keeps a good lookout , steers the boat and tells the crew what to do and when. They motivate the crew and are responsible for keeping the crew and equipment safe.

    You will be a really important crew member – motivating the crew, navigating and being part their success. You will learn the skills needed for steering and navigation as well as how to motivate and lead a team. It is a great way to improve your communication skills and confidence.


    Professional coxes are usually smaller than the rowers but at junior level you can be any size – in fact if you are too small you have to carry weights to make it fair!

    You will usually use a coxbox  (which is a microphone and speaker system) so you don’t have to be loud just speak clearly.

    In our club the juniors train together and usually swap in and out of the coxing role. If you are really interested in coxing you can ask the coach to do it more often.

    The coach will help you learn the skills you need and the more experienced rowers can help you in the boat. There are lots of resources e.g. British rowing coxes certificate course.

    Coxes are really important in a race – choosing the best line in the fastest part of a river as well as steering to overtake other crews. They also keep the crew motivated, calm and help them carry out an agreed race plan. This allows them to row their best by combining pacing, calls for more speed and technical points to concentrate on.

    Know someone who may be interested? Get in touch..


    coxing video

    British rowing  has lots of resources for learning to row and cox. Here’s a coxing video:


    Here’s a couple of podcasts of famous coxes from the website ‘Girl on the River’ by Patricia Carswell.

    Get in touch

    Need to get in touch..

    If you have any questions regarding the junior rowing program or the Learn-to-Row then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  


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    SatNav Postcode, South Entrance: ST12 9HR