Despite the weather a good day of racing was had at Salford Quays for the annual Agecroft Head. This is a 3.2km course that threads between the cites of Salford and Manchester finishing on the Salford Quays. Well done to our oj14 coxed quad for their first race. Great result from the Trentham rowers.

Race Results

OPJ18 Single – Sam Yates placed 1st 

OPJ18 Single – Sam Cuthbertson – placed 2nd

OPJ17 Single – Tom Softley – placed 1st

OPJ16 Single – Jack Wright- placed 1st

OPJ16 Single – Joe Bakewell placed 2nd

OPJ15 Single – James Dutton placed 1st

WJ18 Double – Shannon Wheleham and Francesca Butters placed 1st

WJ16 Double – Caitlin White and Megan Davies placed 2nd

WJ15 Double – Holly Jones and Freya Lawson placed 1st

WJ14 Double – Darcie Wright and Liv Wheleham placed 1st

OPJ18 Double – Ryan Jones and Jacob Keyes placed 1st

OPJ17 Double – Jack Wright and Tom Softley placed 1st

OPJ16 Double – Joe Bakewell and Angus Nugent placed 2nd

Mixed Double – Izzy Punched and Sam Cuthbertson placed 1st

OPJ15 Double – Harry Bradbury and N Nayiager placed 3rd
OPJ14 Double – Robbie Holmes and Lucas Copeland placed 1st

WJ18 Single – Shannon Wheleham placed 1st

WJ16 Single – Ava Fenton placed 1st

WJ16 Single – Gabriella Phagurey placed 3rd

OPJ18 Quad – Sam Yates, Tom Softley, Jack Wright and James Dutton placed 1st

OPJ14 Coxed Quad – Robbie Holmes, Lucas Copeland, Dan Leighton, Beau Norton and Archer Minister. (Cox)
WJ18 Quad – Izzy Punchard, Shannon Wheleham, Francesca Butters and Ava Fenton – placed 2nd
WJ16 Quad – Caitlin White, Megan Davies, Tilly Goodall and Gabriella Phagurey –  placed 2nd
WJ15 Quad – Hollie Jones, Freya Lawson, Liv Wheleham, Sam Hall and Darcie Wright (cox) – placed 3rd
Well done to all the athletes and thank you to our amazing coach, Daz Barton and brilliant volunteers, the support of the parents and our trailer driver, Sarah Wheleham. Thank you, Agecroft Rowing Club for hosting.